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Scientific Program Announcements


The International Conference & Exhibition for Science (ICES2023) will be held on February 6–8, 2023 in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. ICES2023 aims to promote academic exchange and cooperation in the field of natural sciences, life sciences, and especially mathematics, in addition to highlighting the contribution and role of women in science. This conference is dedicated to providing an efficient exchange platform for experts and scholars in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and abroad who are engaged in related fields to share their experiences, innovative ideas, and different technologies.

The organizing committee sincerely invites you to participate in ICES2023 and join this international scientific event. We are looking forward to seeing and meeting with you in Riyadh.

  • Extended Deadline to submit a short abstract (200 to 600 words): 30 September 2022.
  • Notification of acceptance of presention (in-person or virtually): 15 October 2022.
  • Opening of online registration to attend (only), present/publish or to publish only in the ICES2023 proceedings: 15 October 2022.
  • Deadline to submit (optional, not mandatory) an extended abstract (max. 4 pages) for publication in the proceedings: 31 December 2022.
  • The proceedings of ICES2023 will be published in the Springer ASTI series which is indexed in Scopus / SCImago..
  • Best (selected) papers will be published in (indexed) journals (Special Issues).
  • Read more details about the ICES2023 Publication Plan.
  • There will be a free Umrah trip for eligible people (i.e. who meet the requirements of the Ministry of Hajj and Umrah). Read more details about the Social Program.

Conference Themes

The scientific committee of the ICES2023 invites research papers on all cross-cutting themes of natural sciences, life and mathematical sciences with a main focus on the following 80 conference themes:

Main Themes Primary themes Themes
Natural Sciences
1. Future of Energy 1. Renewable and Sustainable Energy
2. Solar Cells and Batteries
3. Nuclear Energy
4. Green and Blue Hydrogen
5. Energy Efficiency and Emission Reduction
6. Carbon Capture and its Applications
7. Geothermal Energy
8. Other related themes
2. Mining 9. Mining Investment
10. Geotechnical Engineering and its Applications
11. Cement Industry
12. Geophysics
13. Other related themes
3. Industrial Chemistry 14. Catalysts-based Nanotechnology
15. Petrochemical Industry
16. Chemical Safety
17. Advanced Analytical Techniques
18. Laboratory and quality assurance
19. Other related themes
4. Applied Materials 20. Condensed Matter Physics
21. Nanomaterials
22. Green Chemistry
23. Materials Recycling
24. Biomaterials and their Applications
25. Other related themes
5. Natural Resources 26. Natural Gas and Oil Exploration
27. Water Exploration and Technology
28. Geology of Arab World
29. Environmental Geology
30. Natural Disasters
31. Geoinformatics System
32. Agricultural and Food Science
33. Other related themes
6. Astronomy 34. Astro Physics
35. Astro Chemistry
36. Space Weather
37. Advanced Astronomical Facilities
38. Other related themes
Life Sciences
7. Environment and Life Quality 39. Combating Desertification
40. Vegetation Development
41. Ecological pollution
42. Ecosystems
43. Biodiversity
44. Natural Reserves
45. Wildlife
46. Environmental Chemistry
47. Microbial Ecology
48. Other related themes
8. Biotechnology 49. Molecular Biology
50. Bioinformatics
51. Cell Biology and Genetics
52. Toxicological Biochemistry
53. Biomarkers
54. Biophysics & Medical Physics
55. Genome and Nanotechnology
56. Enzymes
57. Medicinal Chemistry
58. Applied Microbiology
59. Immunology and Vaccines
60. Proteomics
61. Natural Products
62. Anticancer
63. Stem Cells
64. Biology and Forensic
65. Lasers and Photonics
66. Other related themes
Mathematical Sciences
9. Mathematical Structures and their Applications 67. Mathematical Analysis and Geometry
68. Differential Equations and Numerical Analysis
69. Algebra and Linear algebra
70. Other related themes
10. Mathematical Modeling and its Applications 71. Actuarial Mathematics
72. Financial Mathematics
73. Operations Research
74. Other related themes
11. Statistics and Data Security 75. Mathematical Statistics
76. Applied Statistics
77. Cryptography
78. Mathematics in Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning
79. Other related themes
Awareness Roles of Women in Science


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